Installment Payment

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Keep the CDM number with you and head to the nearest Maybank ATM/CDM Machine

1. Insert ATM Card and key in your pin number.

2. Select “PAY BILLS”.


4. Key in the amount that you wish to pay.

5. Select your account if you have more than one banking account. Else skip to step 6.

6. Select “Chin Hin (Jitra) S/B” with your CDM Number %s or Vehicle Number from list of Payee. Press “Next” to confirm.

7. Obtain and retain receipt for future reference.

1. Select “CASH PAYMENT”.

2. Select “MISC PAYMENT”.

3. Select “Next Screen”.

4. Key in code “025” or choose Chin Hin (Jitra) Sdn Bhd and press “Yes” to confirm.

5. Key in your CDM number %s and press “YES” to confirm.

6. Key in your contact number and press “YES” to proceed to next screen.

7. Verify your account and contact number, press “YES” to proceed.

8. Insert cash to Cash Deposit Machine (CDM).

9. Confirm cash amount.

10. Obtain and retain receipt for future reference.


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